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Latest Marketing Insights From Social Media Day Adelaide

Social media seems to be evolving at a rate that makes my head spin. It can get confusing and it's certainly a challenge to keep up. That's why events like Social Media Day Adelaide, packed full of the latest industry insights and real business applications, are so incredibly valuable.

Established in 2015 by three passionate marketers, Jennifer Evison, Rubina Carlson and Ryan Jones, wanted to create an opportunity to share social media knowledge, with the aim of making it accessible to everyone. The event has seen rapid growth, both in attendance numbers and content, building from it's first year comprised of a handful of presentations and developing into a full day conference.

In today's episode of Be The Drop, speakers from Social Media Day Adelaide share some latest marketing insights. We hear from Lucy Cornes on audience hunger for video content, Erin Williamson from Yellow shares tips on how to connect with your customers via social media, plus Alex Counsell tells us why the focus at Cordon Blu is on frequency and brand awareness. And that's not all, there's more - this episode is packed full of helpful social media advice!


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